Amurath Baikal (*Bask  x  *Sanacht) 

1977 Grey Purebred Arabian Stallion 

(May 9,  1977  -  December 13, 2004)

It is with heavy hearts that we must tell you of the passing of our beloved Amurath Baikal. This beautiful horse was very special indeed. From the eliteness of his pedigree ( a son of *Sanacht - the second all time leading dam of Champions of the Arabian breed and by the incomparable *Bask) to his success as a show horse (1980 US Reserve National Futurity Champion Stallion) to his success as a sire (JK Jedi, Autumn Myste, Earl Grey++/, Amurath Muntahi and his many other sons and daughters treasured by so many around the world). But mostly Amurath Baikal was so special because he epitomized what the Arabian horse should be:  he was beautiful, extremely typey, dignified, elegant and had so much heart. It was this heart that enabled him to live such a long fruitful life. It was a joy just to be able to look after him for so many years and to be greeted by his beauty every day. It was an honour to know that he was known by people world wide and respected for the beautiful, noble horse he was. We will always miss him terribly, but are at peace with the fact that for his entire life he was loved by everyone who was privileged enough to be able to care for him and was always treated with the most respect and love that any horse could want.

We are indeed fortunate to have his beautiful son, Earl Grey++/, and daughter, Simply The Best to carry on the Baikal legacy for us.

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N.V. Masira (Bey Shah+ x Shantu+)

(1982 - 2007)

(Note:  After experiencing several difficult years due to founder, our beloved Masira softly whispered her last good-bye to us on November 8, at 8 a.m., in 2007, leaving a large empty spot in  our hearts.  During her last years, she would regularly, and on her good days,  be seen roaming freely about the farm, grazing wherever she chose - our Queen.  In spite of her lameness, she would often be found, standing in front of one of the stallions' stalls expressing her desire to have one more baby, as impossible as this would have been for her - in our view.  We know that these marvelous beings can dwell with us for only a few short years, and that we must strive to do the best we possibly can by them.  We can only hope, Masira, that  we have achieved this with  you, even though we feel  reassured of this when we look at the beautiful babies by Amurath Baikal and Afire Bey V that you have entrusted to us.)

1982 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare

We were very proud of our Bey Shah+ daughter,  N.V. Masira. Masira's dam Shantu+, was a US Top Ten English Pleasure horse.  An extremely accomplished show mare herself  and an outstanding producer.  N.V. Masira was a Canadian National Top Ten Halter Champion (at age 3!), Star World Reserve Champion Mare, Region 13 Champion and Region 18 Reserve Champion Mare. She was also a multi Champion English Pleasure Horse.  Masira is a full sister to Bey Maraba - US and Canadian National Top Ten Mare.

Masira had eight fillies and two colts for us.  Her life long partner was Amurath Baikal with the exception of the year 2000 when she was bred to Afire Bey V.  The resulting filly, Hearts Afire RF was Eastern Canadian Breeders Champion Purebred Yearling Filly and unanimous Region 16 Champion Country English Pleasure both Open and AOTR.  Three of Masira's Amurath Baikal daughters  have been shown:  Simply The Best - Region 16 and East Coast Champion Mare, Region 18 Top Five Mare; Simply Irrisistable - Champion Mare, AOTH Tulip Arabian Horse Festival (only time shown); and Silent Wings - 1998 Region 15 Top Ten Yearling Sweepstakes Champion (32 fillies in the class) and Junior Champion Yearling Filly, NY Summer Festival.  Another one of her daughters, Simply A Lady, is a successful competitive and endurance horse.

In 1998 Masira presented us with her first colt, Earl Grey++/  - 2001 US National Top Ten Futurity Colt and 2011 US National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure Select, holder also of numerous Regional Halter and Performance Championships

Masira's last baby to foal was a wonderful bay Amurath Baikal filly in 2004.  Her name is China RF and she now makes her home with Gisela and Walter Mantler of Wheatley, Ontario.

Masira will always be treasured by us and those who knew her.  She left a living legacy here at Rideaufield that we will always thank her for.  We will always remember those special moments when she would flip her tail over her back and go proudly trotting off and you would think there was never a more beautiful sight than she....

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Pomerol (*Padron  x *Poviest  (x *Salon)) 
1983 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Stallion 

(1983 - 2012)

We were extremely fortunate to have cared for this grand old gentleman in his golden years.  Pomerol came to us at age 21, extremely crippled by a broken pastern he had suffered as a six-year-old.  It is testament to his heart that he lived such a long productive life.  For us he produced many wonderful daughters and one son.  They are like peas in a pod.  There is no question they are by Pomerol....

Pomerol was remarkably like his sire, *Padron - tall, beautiful, extremely long necked and possessing just the most wonderful disposition.  As a young horse he was Grand Champion Stallion every time out - including the prestigious Santa Barbara Fall Show, shown by Mr. Michael Byatt.  He was just beginning his performance career when an unfortunate work injury ended his days in the show ring.  Probably one of the only *Padron sons out of a *Salon daughter and had much to offer the Arabian breed.  In spite of his early setback he carried on, quietly breeding quality foals that have excelled in a broad range of disciplines including  halter, english pleasure, country english pleasure, western pleasure, native costume and dressage. At Midwest, our decision to purchase this horse became much easier when we saw three-year-old Colton Boggs call the horse to him.  Pomerol quietly walked over, dropped his muzzle and allowed himself to be led around the arena at the end of a six-foot lead shank!!  (see photo on Special Moments page).

Pomerol spent his last eight years at Rideaufield being admired by many who appreciated his beauty, his elegance and his incredibly kind, gentle personality - one of the true greats of the Arabian breed....

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(above) ...One of Pomerol's babies still here on the farm - Simply Unique RF (out of Simply The Best).

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...and this is Leslie Lloyd's mare Wildflower, out of an Amurath Baikal Half Arab daughter, "Bailey"

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